Punta Fuego (Peninsula)

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ~Seneca

last june 8, our family had one last hurrah for summer with yet another outing. this summer's been very productive as far as outings were concerned, to wit, we've been to ilocos for cocktails, zambales for appetizers, taal lake for the main course and for our dessert came punta fuego.

i've made an extensive piece for the ilocos and taal trips and decided to step aside my piece on zambales (i'm having a hard time with it, honestly) and instead go straight to my punta fuego piece.

punta fuego (particularly Peninsula) is exactly an hour's drive away from tagaytay city. coming from commonwealth it took us a total of 2.5 hours in all. it is part of nasugbu town in batangas. it is a very exclusive subdivision but the residents somehow made it a business of some sort to rent out their vacation houses to willing tourists.
their website is for more extensive information. but for now, here are some pics of this surprising beach destination.

this was our rented house in punta fuego peninsula. it only costed us P8,000.00 for an overnight stay. if you thought this is a bungalow, well i'll let you in on a secret, it's a 3-storey house with 3 bedrooms that can sleep around 15 persons comfortably.

now, upon entering the house. everyone's attention will be attracted to this terrace like a magnet.

this is your view from the terrace. this magnificent view is inclusive of the P8,000 rent already. in other places you might be charged for having such a view but not here in punta fuego. the view, as that visa card commercial goes, is just "priceless".

the caretaker let us in on a secret, the house in your foreground is the resthouse of Sen. Ralph & Vilma Recto. by the way, Punta Fuego is part of Batangas so it's no wonder that the couple would have a resthouse here in their province.

this is the beach adjacent to the Recto's resthouse. it's directly right at the back of their house. it offered a good shade for picnicing but beware of the ants, they got huge ants here that have painful bites.

the 2 antonios, antonio chua and jaden antonio andres enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

this is what they call the long beach and is the most crowded beach of the many beaches inside punta fuego. what's unique of the beaches in punta fuego is the trees that offer a good shade for guests who are not particularly fond of the sun's heat.

they also offer some water sport activities here like kayaking ...

jetskis, banana boat and a few more activities.

my son, jaden here showing everyone his new shirt and shorts. :)

this was taken while in the water, it was the only way to give a glimpse of the shoreline.

this was already taken around 5:30pm which is already considered the "golden hours" in photography,

jaden here drying up after his late afternoon swim. notice the sun's light as it already is turning golden, that must be the reason it is called the "golden hours".

the view from the rented house's terrace, this part of the province also offer spectacular cloud formations as can be seen that added more drama to the view.

punta fuego is real good value for your money. the good thing about staying here is that you can bring your own food to again save on your meals.

there's a refrigerator inside the rentable house, has complete amenities for cooking, they have hot and cold showers, a videoke machine (P5/ song so stock up on those P5 coins at home). they have billiards, darts and table tennis at the basement level though offered at affordable prices.

bring playing cards for an all-night card game, we played poker and were able to finish two sets. and of course do bring some booze.

for a good beach experience without being too far from the city, punta fuego is a very sensible destination to consider. for only P8,000.00 a night, it is really worth it. the use of beach is free and the spectacular view are again just priceless.

so next time when thinking of your next destination, give this place a consideration. it won't be too heavy on the budget.

for inquiries, i got the number of one of the caretakers there. his name is "awanen" (sounds ilocano) with cell number 09197055796. give your budget and he'll try to find a house suited for your budget i hope.

now where's that zambales blog of mine again, so i can finish it up.