Baguio City: Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral

The first spot on the itinerary that we visited was Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral or more commonly known as the Baguio Cathedral. The cathedral is distinct from the other cathedrals in the country for its rose-colored paint on its exterior.

It can be accessed through the Post Office loop at the top of Session Road or you can choose to climb the 100-step ladder from Session Road going up to the Cathedral.

With its distinct beauty, no wonder couple Aga and Charlene Muhlach made this the church where they made their wedding vows way back in 2001.

I learned that the Baguio Cathedral is also distinct for being the only Cathedral in the world that owns and operates its own shopping center, the Porta Vaga.

view from the stairs near where the crucifixion scene is depicted.

crucifixion scene with the Cathedral on the background.

this scene depicts one of the seven last words of Christ before dying on the cross, particularly wherein He said to one of his disciples and mother "Mother, behold thy son. Son, behold thy mother."

family pic minus our princess, Breanna, whom we left in Manila being only 5 months old.

the altar where Aga and Charlene Muhlach exchanged their I DO's. so far they're doing good, lucky charm of the Cathedral i guess. with children as pretty as theirs, they should get busy having more children don't you think? :)

this concrete bench constantly reminds churchgoers and tourists these two general commandments that pretty much sums up the original ten commandments.

here are the original ten commandments, with an eye inside the holy trinity looking over. the 11th commandment would have been, "thou shalt not put garbage in front of the ten commandments tablet". i heard Baguio City really has a serious garbage problem that has been featured several times already on TV.

from last i heard, garbage is still a problem.

inside the cathedral grounds is a small, cozy restaurant called Palizzata. it has a good view of the lower areas of the city. i heard the tandori chicken is a must-try here. we didn't get to try dining here coz we just had merienda over at Cafe by the Ruins before coming over to the Cathedral.

The Cathedral as can be seen from the viewdeck of SM City Baguio.


Lawstude said...

Been there several times and going-up there from the Session Side is a real work-out.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

alain said...

i never tried going up the stairs along Session, too lazy i guess.

Happy New Year to you and your family too.