Tagaytay Weekend: Breakfast at Antonio's

over the weekend i went to Tagaytay City with our Thailand Trip travelmates together with our respective kids.

i saw our the itinerary prior to the trip and it included dining at one of the branches of Antonio's.

i've been to Tagaytay numerous times, being so conveniently close to Manila, but never got to try this very well-recommended restaurant called Antonio's. i've passed this up way too often before so i'm going to make sure i do this time.

maybe the real reason i've always wanted to try out this restaurant is my affinity to the name. from my earliest recollection i've already been introduced to it, it being my father's name. then when i finally had my own child, i named him after his grandfather, so my son's full name is Jaden Antonio.

here i added a piece of jaden's name to antonio's signage.

this is the main dining area of Antonio's since it the biggest. even saw Nadine Samonte here with her date. man, she's skinny. hahaha

here's another dining area which is more private and is very appropriate for a big intimate family dining experience.

here's the window scene of the same room, perfect for that intimate date. if she's not your girl yet then bring her here and it's a guarantee she'll be your girl before the meal ends. if she's your girl already, bring her here and propose and she'll surely say yes.

here's another dining area by the koi pond. it is the only outdoorsy-feel of the four dining areas.

here's another shot of the main dining area. there's another dining area after the stairs, a little secluded and doesn't have those ambiance as the other three.

here's the main staircase to access all four dining areas.

the waiting area was very homey and comfy.

in front of the main door. it turns out two Antonio's were now incorporated into one. we were looking for the old Breakfast at Antonio's but were told that they are now housed under one roof.

Antonio's Restaurant is newly renovated to accomodate the previous Breakfast at Antonio's theme of white-colored interiors. i think on a business standpoint it really was a good move, lowering overhead cost significantly.

this scene reminded me of a Shakespeare novel, Romeo and Juliet, only with DSLRs.

looking at the old Antonio's restaurant pics, they managed to re-use this interesting artwork. it can be seen at the waiting area upon entering the main door.

good thing we really dined here. the koi pond made it worth it since my son can't get enough of it because of his fondness to any kind of fish.

the koi fish here were huge and very colorful.

you can always ask the waiters for fishfood so you could feed them.

make sure you don't leave your children alone to avoid falling in.

mom and son enjoying the experience.

jaden had the best seat (table) in the house.

we arrived around 3:30pm so we can avoid the crowd but guess what, the restaurant was full even that late. we were told breakfast menu was only available till 4:00pm so we hurriedly ordered since the breakfast menu was the most affordable.

our tab was Php900 for 3 persons without drinks. average meal is around Php 350 for a basic breakfast meal.

i'll try saving up php3,800 for that set meal at Antonio's restaurant and maybe get to be seated in the bigger dining areas.


Lawstude said...

i love the koi. gotta try this place when i go up there. thanks for the info.

alain said...

oman, you gotta try it 'coz the place is really quite an experience. it's really nice na secluded siya from all the commercial areas of the city.

the donG said...

thanks for sharing this. antonio's has been gaining a lot of attention lately. it must be really good.

it's really nice to sometimes name children based on their grandfather. jaden is cool!