Banaue: Hillside Inn Batad

Choosing our accomodation for the overnight stay in Batad Village was really not that hard, my internet research showed one place where they had an unobstructed view of the rice terraces and that was Hillside Inn.  And i'm telling you, the view was PRICELESS.Once we decided with Hillside Inn, next thing we did was contact Ms. Maya Addug through her cellphone +63917-7574411 and +63908-6012888.  Ms. Maya actually is based here in Manila, but all reservations are coursed through her.  They require our room charge to be deposited to their account, which in this amounted to Php400.I kid you not, it was just Php400 for an overnight stay.  But before i placed my deposit to their account, i had to ask Ms. Maya if it was possible to give me the room with the best view, which i believe should be the one with a corner location, and she readily agreed. Hillside Inn is probably the cheapest accomodation i have encountered in all my travels and yet it gave the best view among them all.Here are the photos of Hillside Inn of Batad.

Hillside Inn is just a few steps away from the Batad Tourist Information Center.
A humble structure with a magnificient view.
Hillside Inn is a 4-storey structure where the 3rd level is the dining area, while the rest are for accomodations. Our room was located in the 4th floor and nearest to the terraces.
A closer view of the entire structure.
This was the inner dining hall in the 3rd level.
Imagine eating here.
The hallway going to our room.
Finally, our room. Not much but we didn't pay much too. =)
Upon arriving, we had lunch and tried their vegetables which i know they grow abundantly here. The view just really added to the flavor.
As wifey was busy ordering lunch, just saw this scene as i was passing by and couldn't resist to take the shot.
This was lunch, veggies with rice and corned beef with rice and omellete.
The trek really took its toll on wifey. Slept like a baby.
View from inside our room.
Took this shot as we were about to go the following day. Just couldn't get enough of it.


Nigel Sutherland said...

I love this blog, and all your pictures. We are in the UK and specialise in Philippines holidays, including trips to Banaue and Sagada. Shame you have no email on your blog.


nigel, thanks for liking the blog and for promoting Philippine tourism and hope that many of your countrymates will come and discover the beauty of this country. as for my email, you can contact me at, again thank you.

Tim said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Just booked in at the Hillside based on your blog - so excited!


you're going at a good time, coz i think the rice paddies are at its greenest at the moment. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how many person per room in hillside?