The Path To Batad

Here are some scenes along the path going to Batad Village.  30 minutes would be a doable time to reach the village if you were to go at it without stopovers, 45 minutes would be the normal time on average speed. We made it exactly one hour after we left the Saddle but these were due to numerous stops for wifey's rests and the photo opportunities.But check out what you might miss along the way if you didn't make those stopovers.

Just a short distance after the stairs, we were already headed for our first stopover.  No wonder it took us an hour to reach Batad Village.

We were wondering why half of a plastic bottle was protruding out of the moist rock formation along the path, it turns out you can drink from this bottle.  Try clicking on the photo for a larger view and you'll see that there's actually water passing through the bottle, which we drank from by the way without any effect on our stomachs so it must be safe.

As long as there was a semblance of a wooden structure with roof, wifey found the reason to take a rest.  Wasn't that bad resting here since we got to see the art souvenirs the locals were offering.

Stopping to smell the flowers.  Wouldn't get tired of such images.

If you think, we didn't rest here, well you thought wrong.  Now even without a roof, it was enough reason to well ... rest yet again.

Halfway there.

Other trekkers just kept passing us by.  Wifey reasoned that it's because they were much younger than we are.

Just wondering what's keeping them from making the whole area a terraced rice field? Wouldn't it be more spectacular if they did?

Spotted this woman checking out the rice fields.


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