Banaue: Banaue Town

A shuttle van drove us to the Banaue town proper about a 3-minute drive away from the Autobus terminal. And the beginning of countless negotiations begin.
The driver offered his van to this and that, but we just heard him out and didn't commit anything.

We asked to be dropped by People's Lodge so we could have our breakfast.

Another set of drivers offered their set of services to us for the drive to Batad, but all i had in mind was to get that breakfast now and fast.

I was actually excited about Banaue town when i was preparing the itinerary and doing the research. my favorite travel guide websites by the way are (travellers' experiences) and (photos).
We were actually prepared to stay for an overnight stay in Banaue at Sanafe Lodge once we got back from Batad but the town didn't have much to offer and was merely a jump-off point for those going to Sagada and the less-famous but as-great rice terraces.

If somebody approached me and offered the "stuff" Bob Marley regularly took, then it would have at least awakened my curiosity to stay. Peace man!

This is the Poblacion and it is in the heart of Banaue. beside it is the Banaue Tourist Information Center, which i really didn't see any help to us travellers except offer sky-rocket prices for the transportation to the different tourist spots around Banaue. They somehow maintain a relationship with drivers so they could offer a higher amount for services to tourists. in a perfect world, this would have been ideal.
You'd be better off making arrangements yourself if you're really on a tight budget. But if you have the money and lacking the patience of haggling for things, then they can really help you out.

People's Lodge, almost beside Greenview, another lodge famous to backpackers and they have a nice viewdeck from the restaurant.

Greenview Lodge, one of the favorite lodges of backpackers for their affordable accomodations (P300/head). But their aircon with ensuite bathrooms cost P1,000/night.
Banaue & Batad Rice Terraces by Green Hearts Travel and

At the end of the street where the transportation terminal, poblacion and the lodges above are found, is the Banaue Town Hall. I only realized that it resembles the native Ifugao houses when i was going over the photos upon uploading them to the computer.

The commercialized building in the middle photo, fronts the transportation terminal. to its left leads to Sanafe Lodge and Banaue Town Hall and to its right leads to People's and Greenview Lodges. This was taken from the National Road that goes to Bontoc (for those going to Sagada) and Manila.

If any, Banaue town is lined-up with souvenir shops showcasing woodcarving skills of the Ifugaos. I wanted to buy a walking stick as a souvenir and to be used in the trek to and from Batad but i passed thinking there was one in "The Saddle" going to Batad which might have been cheaper. There was a walking stick alright, and was way cheaper but didn't look close to these.
Gotta eat first!

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Tip: you can actually go up this flight of stairs and do the transportation arrangements. I was able to hire a jeepney here going to Batad for only Php1,000 (Php2,000 via Tourist Info Center) and tricycle going to the Banaue Rice Terraces Viewpoint for only Php200 (P400 via TIC).

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it was a very helpful info around the baguio..
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