Banaue: Greenview Lodge

We had another breakfast, pancakes and coffee, this time at Greenview Lodge.

It is right beside People's Lodge. I believe these two lodges and Sanafe Lodge are the 3 of the more famous lodges in Banaue due to its proximity to the transportation terminal located near them.

What i like about all three lodges are that their restaurants are relatively clean. they really make it a point that their interiors and surroundings are clean which is the way it should be for all involved in this type of industry.

This is the facade of Greenview Lodge and this roads leads all the way to the Banaue Town Hall about 250meters away, but first passing by the Tourist Information Center and transportation terminal.

this is their own version of the sink with a view. it was a little hard accessing the sink since the window structure was in between so one needs to stoop down a little. it was also a bad idea to leave the mop beside the sink since it's an eyesore as well as a nosesore for anybody who uses the sink.

This is the common living room located in the basement. This portion looks out to the view from balcony. The structures on this road stretch are built on ridges, so even the basement rooms will have views just like the rooms upstairs.

Though Greenview Lodge has no balcony to boast of, picture windows by the dining tables offer another kind of charm to it. so it was right to have breakfast on two places it turned out.

Banaue is a place where the eyes will be mesmerized no end with greeneries and spectacular vistas.

here wifey enjoying the view.

here wifey manually computing the cost of the trip so far. =)

It seems that Banaue, Sagada and Baguio have maintained this distinct wood cabin look even if all the new establishments around the Philippines have adapted the modern look.

it may be self-service, at least they do provide clean drinking water. or is it?

Here are the going-rates for the information of all techies heading out here.

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