Banaue: People's Lodge & Restaurant

we had our breakfast of tapsilog at People's Lodge.

clumsy me, most of my rice went flying off my plate when i was fighting it out with the tough tapa. so i had to order another one, which means another debit to the expenses column.

the nice thing about People's Lodge is that it has a balcony outside where you can enjoy a nice view of some pocket terraces as well as an old, rusty hanging bridge that connects the market area to another residential area that would be otherwise be too far to go around of without the bridge.

here's the front of People's Lodge & Restaurant. along this road is the main commerce area of Banaue. this road leads to the Banaue Town Hall at the end.

i just thought this sink was a great idea. imagine freshening up with a spectacular view to greet you. haven't seen a sink so beautifully located.
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wifey surrounded by interesting Ifugao pictures. only one set of plate was on the table coz i came up with this idea that i eat breakfast here and she eats breakfast at Greenview Lodge, that way we can both take pictures of both places.

not that it's prohibited to take pictures at those lodges, but it would be a little embarassing to feel so at home taking pictures without having a cup of coffee from them.

the balcony wherein you can choose to eat at to enjoy the view that it offers.

and finally when i wanted to relieve myself, i was greeted with this picture window. talk about a different kind of shit-ting. =)

the old, rusty bridge i was talking about. it still serves the purpose so no need to fix it. the bridge is safe as long as you're passing through with just a small number of people at a time.

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monching valencia said...

nag stay ako sa people's lodge & restorant nitong martes feb 14 to 15 ng madaling araw 2012.ang ganda ng pag tanggap sa akin ni nanay.maayos at malinis at saka mura.babalik uli ako doon next year.