Banaue: How To Get There (Autobus Liner)

Of all the travels i've done so far, including those done in other countries, nothing excited me more than my latest travel (May 16-18, 2010) to Ifugao Province, particularly Batad.

The Banaue bug bit me around April 2010, but even the yearly summer outing of the our clan (which one of my cousins referred to as C-clan short for Chua clan) to Anawangin in Zambales and Bolinao in Pangasinan, didn't relieve the itch that the bite left.

So when a weekend opened up to make the trip, i jumped on the chance. i asked wifey if she was up to it, and though hesistant, she reluctantly agreed to it.

I warned her beforehand that it's going to involve some major trekking, i even suggested that she did some stationary bike exercises the week leading to the trip so her leg muscles could take the abuse the trek had in store.

We chose Autobus over Florida Bus Liner because it seemed like it was the original carriers of Banaue-bound passengers from way back, and i learned from online blogs that their seats were more comfortable compared to that of Florida Bus Line, always trust the bloggers i guess.

Autobus Line is located on the corner of H. Loyola and Cayco Streets in Sampaloc, Manila. It's almost near Earnshaw St.. They have a daily trip to Banaue leaving Manila at 10:00pm.

We purchased our tickets a few days in advanced to ensure that we don't run out of seats. Ticket to Banaue costs Php400 for Autobus, while Florida Bus Line tickets cost Php450 leaving 10:45pm but their bus has an onboard toilet which explains the price difference.

i was expecting for us to be in Banaue the latest by 7am the following morning. But it turned out that we had to go to Kiangan (a sidetrip on the way to Banaue) in Ifugao first before finally heading to Banaue, which delayed my expected ETA (estimated time of arrival) by an hour. this got me all jumpy since when it comes to travel, i really am very O-C about it. that's right, obsessive-compulsive.

Anyway, aside from comfortable seats that recline to near 180-degree angle, Autobus is notoriously known for blasting their aircon to maximum making the entire trip feel like sleeping inside a fridge.

i struck up a conversation with the driver in one of the stopovers and jokingly suggested that they rent out blankets for additional income (so if in the future you see the drivers renting out blankets, well that was my clever idea).
i also request for him to at least turn off the A/C every now and then for us to have a chance to be "thawed" a little. luckily the driver was an Ilokano like myself, so he did agree to it.

Our bus left 10:05pm and after stopovers in San Jose and Solano and passengers alighting in Kiangan and Lagawe, we reached Banaue town by 8:00am.
Finally, time to explore the Ifugao Province!

Autobus Line: Tel# +632 4934111

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